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Quick Info

Server Name: BorderedS

Server IP: BorderedS.minehut.gg

Server Owner: Tiberius69

Server Discord: https://discord.gg/KzYFjSG

Hi everyone! Please join us in congratulating this week's Featured Server, BorderedS!

BorderedS exists as part of a series of survival servers Tiberius69 has created within the span of one year. These servers offer a game-changing twist to provide players a unique experience without removing what many players love about survival. In BorderedS, each player is designated their own unique border. This border can be expanded by completing quests offered by the Core at spawn (pictured above). Each time a player completes a quest their border expands, giving them more space to play. To begin, players are given 9 quests before having to use XP to upgrade their border. Some upgrades require Generators, which provide players items that will be needed as they progress through the game, including items that can be used to upgrade the Generator to a higher tier. This mechanism borrows from the first survival server created by Tiberius69, LavaS.

Wanna give this unique survival game mode a try? Type /join BorderedS or join at BorderedS.minehut.gg!

If you'd like to have your Minehut server featured on forums, Twitter, clubs, and in the Minehut newsletter, apply to become a Featured Server in the Featured Server Discord!

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