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1.I want to get rid of all essential plugin ability's other than the teleport commands, I also have the essential spawn plugin and want to be able to tp to spawn. Also how do I give the essential plugins command to non op?

2. I have the multiverse plugin and want it to go from my survival world to my creative world, I already have the inventory per world plugin so you cant cheat stuff into survival, but idk how to make one world stay survival and one world stay creative, please help.

(when responding can you put the number question you are responding to?)

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Answering your first question: non-operators (people who don't have OP) can't use any commands from the Essentials plugin unless you give them the permission node corresponding to that command. In order to give your users /teleport and and /spawn permissions, you will need to get a permissions plugin -- I would recommend PermissionsEx. Once you have PermissionsEx successfully installed, go into your console (which may be found on the Home tab of your Minehut server control panel) and type in pex user {your username} add * (this'll give you the necessary permissions to the PermissionsEx) next, you'll want to join your server and execute the following commands:

/pex group default add essentials.spawn and /pex group default add essentials.tp -- if you want to add more permission nodes, execute "/pex group default add " followed by the node of your choice, a full list of which may be found here: http://wiki.mc-ess.net/doc/permissions


In regards to your second question: you're going to want to move into the world which you have dedicated to creative and execute: /mvm set mode creative and /mvm set mode survival in your world dedicated to survival.

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7 minutes ago, LemonBlade said:

I did the pex user {your username} add * and I think it made me be able to have op powers even when im not oped is that the cause and if so is there a way I can remove that from myself but keep the tp permissions I set?


Yep. Just do /pex user {your username} remove *

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