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Stuck in survival + Can't upload world

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I set creative as the default game mode, but every time I login to the server I'm in survival.

Also, I tried to upload a world to the server, but then I keep spawning a random new world.

(Plus how do I become admin on my server? I'm new to this site).

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1. You'll need to stop and restart your server for your changes to be updated, including setting the default gamemode to creative
2. If you've already uploaded the world you want, to set it as your default one (so you'll always spawn in that one when you join)- go into your Server Properties tab and one of the options should be Level Name, type in the name of the world you want as your default and once you restart it should be it.
3. Go into the Home tab of your control panel and in the segment called "Server Command" type in /op <your username>

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