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Friend can't join server, but some people can?



My friend created a server on minehut and it's been working fine since she created it but tonight every single time she tries to join it automatically kicks her out back into the lobby. I can join the server with no problem, but she instantly gets kicked out. She's already restarted minecraft, restarted the server, waited, etc. and it's still not fixed. She got this message when she was trying to rejoin, and still can't actually make it into the server. Screen_Shot_2019-08-12_at_11.28.51_PM.png

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Can I ask if your friend is spam joining?

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2 hours ago, nonebinary said:

she wasn't spam joining at first, she might have when she got that message i'm not entirely too sure but from what she told me she was just trying to join from the lobby

You'd need to get a screenshot of when she isn't spamming it so we can see what the actual error message is.


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