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I think that  you should be able to add a server to a list of them that you enjoy. It is always annoying when you forget the name of a server so you should be able to add it to a favorite server list. Here are the commands.


/Favorite add <name>: Adds server to list

/Favorite list: Displays list of favorite servers

/Favorite remove <name>: Removes server from list

I hope you notice this and add it

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used to be a feature but the other way round.


I've been doing skript for 4 years and a half. I don't find my self a "better" skripter or do competitions against others.

I just wish people can just get along & just help each out and be kind to one and another.


I have been hosting ValkNet for 5 years and a half

ever since 2015 when i joined minehut around February or January.


I'm the owner of ValkyrieNetwork (known as ValkNet) | https://discord.gg/rPTYbQY

A great service that i provide for the minehut community!



Discord: https://discord.gg/6rQu2Vn

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