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Hiring Professional Builders for New RPG Server

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Mystether is a new Role Playing Game server currently in the alpha stage of development. When finished, it will compose of a variety of floating islands split into four different biomes/quadrants including: The Northern Tundra, Sand Wastes, A currently unnamed jungle quadrant, and Crater seas. I'm looking for competent Builders to aid with the building of islands, dungeons, and various other structures. While I can't pay you, you will get to be a part of this project that will eventually transform into a great playing experience for all who join.  If you want to join me to create this server, an application form is below. While this might seem like a pain, (because it is)  it is necessary to prevent trolls and griefers. Here's some pictures of Mystether:2021-04-07_14_52_45.thumb.png.cbf5d16441a932f6f019594f0c7af365.png2021-04-07_14_51_09.thumb.png.ce4c3dcd3ed15f56d9eacc9c9736e78c.png2021-04-07_14_50_32.thumb.png.78b0195d85f2c42371e32664372e22bf.png


Application form for Mystether.txt

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8 hours ago, pizzaschut said:

Just saying not all prof builders will let themself get hired for free


Yeah, but the main thing I'm going for here is not that they'll earn a bazillion dollars, but that they will apply to help build an awesome server.

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