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(HELP NEEDED FAST) My friend turned my 3 month world into stone.



Hello, so i was playing my creative world which we had for 3 months, It had everything we need, we used world edit, and my friend did /replace stone_bricks near or smth like that (NOT INTENDING ON IT DOING THIS), causing the server to crash and making a recovery that was after the world was filled, PLEASE IS THERE A FIX PLEASE, WE TRIED //UNDO BUT THE SERVER CRASHED. HELP PLEASE.


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There's no easy fix for this. Unless you have a backup or an old save of the world on your computer, there isn't an easy way to undo the damage. In the future, I recommend installing the plugin coreprotect to help with any possible damage.

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If he is still on tell him to do //undo. Also try backuping server in BACKUPS

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9 minutes ago, pizzaschut said:

i did read it am i dumb?

They probably meant op (original poster).

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