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I think that Minehut should have the software option because Aternos and PloudOS. Minehut's biggest free server hosting Competitors have it. 

Minehut in my opinion has the best performance. Its the best lagless servers and it has amazing Performance 

Aternos can allow many software and its allows the most. But its too laggy. Capture.thumb.PNG.fe408540f8e09542534ae1dda605681f.PNG

PloudOS Has options too and downloadable mods and Plugin compatible too I personally haven't used PloudOS so I don't know about lag or similar to Minehut ploduos.PNG.00d5702d104735e80fd2291920f389e9.PNG

Aternos and PloudOS both allow something that Minehut doesn't even have the options for and am not judging the Owners or workers because it would make work even harder. But I think that Minehut could get A massive amount of new users if a server hoster with amazing server Performance but allowing Users to choose their Software option will just hit Minehut's best. Its a free Minecraft hoster it will become more and more Popular even Maybe being able to take on Other Server Hosting sites. Like Aternos, PloudOS and many other 

I really hope that the Minehut Owners and workers look at this and think about it maybe not Instant but with time it can happen and Minehut would build its self an Empire in Minecraft Server hosting. 

If the Update or Upgrade would to happen I would reccomend that Minehut Users are at least reminded to tell their other friends using Aternos or PloudOS because of Software option or just want to use Forge, Fabric, Paper or Spigot,etc

I would recommend also that Lots of mods be added a few at first Like MrCrayFish's Controllable is an example. 

I really enjoy using minehut with my friends and I would love a software option because mods and plugins just make the game better then what it already is. 

Thank you for Time and Please consider this 


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Unfortunately, without having completely separate branches of networks, I don't believe this would be possible. On those competing server hosts you mentioned, they all are individual servers. On Minehut, all of those servers are linked to be joinable from the lobby, this requires the same software. I may not be 100% accurate as I'm not an incredible developer, but I don't believe this is on the Minehut roadmap.

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