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Selling CleanRPG/Minehut login

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Information on the server will be talked about in my discord unhappy#8780

basic info: contains 100+ skript files at least  10k lines (compressed) of skript and a ton of mythicmobs skill abilities, MH unlimited plan, you can join /join CleanRPG to see what’s up with the server the server also has 7.8k unique joins with $400 made in 2 weeks, the account also have 4 server slot all with unique icon (5+ icons) all of them have skript in the plugins/skript/script file 

how much am I selling for? $120

is this legal? Yes I have confirmed with Benny  (minehut manager)

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  • unhappy_8780 changed the title to Selling CleanRPG/Minehut login

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