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Application Process

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Minehut Staff Recruitment 
Information, rules, and tips about applying for the staff team.

Thank you for being interested in joining the Minehut staff team! This forum post will go over the basics on how to apply for the team, what you should expect to see throughout the process, as well as a few tips to help you be prepared to apply for the staff team. Our main objective is to help keep our community clean, and help those who need it in order to ensure a safe, fun, server creating experience. Over the past year, Minehut has experienced a lot of growth, so we will need any helper we can get to help make our objective possible. Joining the staff team will include responsibilities throughout our lobbies, forums, and Discord server.

Before Applying

Before you consider applying to the staff team, there are a few things you will need to do first.

All staff members are required to have and actively use a Discord account, as we use Discord as our main platform for communication between our staff team and community. You will not be eligible to apply unless you are on the Minehut Discord server.

To post an application on the forums, you must create a Minehut account. Creating an account on the main website will automatically create an account on the forums as well. This will allow you to submit your application.

Please make sure that before applying, you meet all of our requirements. These requirements are in place to ensure the quality and maturity of potential applicants. Some of our requirements include minimum age and recent activity.

As an applicant, you need to be familiar with all the rules that are enforced on our different platforms. The rules are broken into 3 different sections to better organize where and when the rules apply. 

Hierarchy of the Staff Team

The Minehut staff team is organized into a few different ranks. These ranks are made to help focus on different aspects of Minehut and its community. When applying for the team, you will apply for the Helper rank. If you do make it onto the team, you’ll learn more about your different options and how you can further develop your skills and achieve a higher rank.

This is the rank that you apply for first to join the staff team. This rank specializes in offering support and helping members of the community overcome any challenges or redirect them accordingly if the issue requires a higher up to look into.

This rank comes after helper. Unlike helper, the moderator focuses on the general moderation of the server and its platforms, although the moderator should still provide support in most cases. The moderator can issue punishments when needed.

Senior Moderator
This rank is for moderators with outstanding leadership skills and team-building experience. The senior moderators are leads of different departments within the staff team, such as subteams or other aspects like quality assurance.

Currently, BennyDoesStuff is the manager. He not only oversees the staff team and its duties, but also handles other responsibilities such as overseeing the events team as well as communicating with the Admins about important matters.

Application Process

The process starts by submitting an application through our application forms software. We have included a link at the bottom of this post to go directly to it. The application will include numerous questions, asking about you, your knowledge of Minehut, and previous staff experience. You will also be asked to state how you would respond to certain scenarios that you may encounter.

Your application will then be judged by the recruitment team who will consider the answers to your question as well as a variety of other factors. These factors include your activity across Minehut’s platforms, previous punishment history, and behavior towards other users. You’ll receive a response on your application within 2 weeks of your application submission notifying you of your results. Whether your application is denied or accepted, we will either provide ways you can improve on future applications or how you can move forward in the process.

If you’ve made it this far and have received an acceptance on your application, you will be invited to a private interview with some of our senior staff members on a Discord server. In this interview, we will ask you about your moderation experience and about some of the responses you provided in your application. There will also be more questions that we can’t specifically disclose. Do not feel intimidated by this, just be prepared and be genuine no matter the circumstances. The goal of the interview isn’t to interrogate you, but to learn more about you and whether or not you would be qualified to join the staff team.

Tips for Applying

We know it can be scary and sometimes difficult when you first start the application process, we want this experience to be as easy as possible. Below, we provided you a few tips and information to help you get started to strengthen your application and chances of getting onto the staff team.

  • When first writing up your application, try making a draft of what information you want to include in each question before you write the response. Having a guideline for yourself on exactly what you want to include will allow you to stay on-topic and get right to the point. The length of your responses isn’t as important as the quality and details you include in each answer.
  • Make sure you’re proofreading your answers for grammar and spelling mistakes before submitting your application. It doesn’t look professional if you’re being sloppy and not taking the few minutes to re-read it. I would recommend you use a website such as grammar.ly which can help you identify any mistakes in your writing. Please make sure you also avoid using abbreviations and emojis when crafting your response.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to muelr (muel#0001) via Discord.

Ready to apply? Click here to start writing your application!

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