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Ban Appeal For: ByrazboyGamesYT


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Sorry about my inconvinice my son did not know that he would get ban he said he normally used it for people who "griefed" his server. But then he moved on to doing in the "hub" which led him to getting ban. I am very sorry for what my son has done but he has a server he was working on that looked really cool he had lots of "games" as he states it. He just wants to play with his friends. I have had a serious talk to him about hacking and hacking other peoples internet, because thats against the law. His friends want to play with him because he was working with them to create a server with minehut.com and he was having a lot of fun! So it would be very nice if you could unban my son from minehut, he says he will never do it again, and I will make sure that he doesnt do it anymore.

Regards Andrew


Player: ByrazboyGamesYT

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