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Could you please attach a link to the plugin you’re referring to?

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Please refer to the Plugins FAQ:

  1. Include a link to the plugin. It’s best if you include a link to a known trustworthy site such as BukkitDev, Spigot, or Github.
  2. Check the versions the plugin supports. The plugin must work on the latest version of Minecraft to be added (if the plugin is old and/or you aren’t sure, please check yourself first before suggesting). It should be compatible with Spigot or Paper (mods such as Fabric or Forge will not work).
  3. Give us reasons why the plugin should be added. What does it do? Have you tried any alternatives? Does it replace something?
  4. Please be patient. We do get a lot of suggestions, and each plugin needs to be carefully reviewed to ensure that it is safe to be used on the platform. Asking for status updates is fine, but please don’t bump or create a new topic for the same plugin!



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We have many plugins on Minehut that can enchant items. For simple enchanting, you can use EssentialsX, however to be able to enchant to higher levels you will need to enable unsafe enchants in the configuration file.

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