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A while back a bit of drama occurred over the server PlexPVP, that drama resulted in Vinixs leaking all of my skripts along with many other developers skripts from PlexPVP.

1ow, took over ownership of PlexPVP (for free) as the original owner was on a break, soon after the original owner made this decision, he changed his mind, and it's not surprising because we expected these new developers (Vinixs and others) to improve the server but for the most part they just was going to reuse all of the past skripts. The ex-owner of PlexPVP took ownership back and Vinixs reacted by leaking all of our skripts.

Some of these skripts where made by developers who hadn't even been involved in this decision, and some developers spent hours upon hours on these skripts. I personally put a lot of effort into them and it felt horrible that they just got leaked like that. Some of these skripts even included personal projects and details to private things. Such as bot tokens, database logins, etc... and that really put a lot of my projects at risk. He later apologised and took down the post, and I assumed that was the last of it. An agreement was made that when we re-release PlexPVP we wouldn't use any skripts they made and they 1ow said he wouldn't use any skripts we made. Unfortunately I've come onto Minehut today to see that Vinixs is now running a server called "Multiples" which is using a skript of mine that he leaked a while back.
Overall I think the worse part about this is just after leaking our skripts, which lets admit is extremely immature, he received staff on Minehut again. So for that reason I expect him to take this post down very quickly but if any of you see this, I just advice you to stay away from Multiples. Not because I want to cause drama but because I feel quite upset about my skripts being stolen and used there.

Hope you all understand.

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Just now, Infolycal said:

A user Messaged me with a github link of them, I don't understand why these kids do this, it's like they're gonna win something.

You asked for the coinflip skript so it was given.

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If you have issues with a staff member, I recommend contacting a Senior Moderator or Manager directly in dms. This gives a greater likelihood that you’ll get an official response.

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he was literally only using the coinflip skript, maybe if yall had talked to 1ow and the other developers instead of demoting them and removing console without so much as an explanation before the fact, this would not have happened.


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Honestly I feel bad but I don’t think this is the way to react to it.

Vinixs was heated and in the moment, he regretted his decision and tried to make up for it. I’m not super aware of the situation but it sounds like neither side is innocent; two wrongs don’t make a right.

Anyway, I hope this gets worked out because I’m tired of drama like this haha

Have a good one!

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