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Only SOME of my Minecraft servers can't be reached, others can??? (Support)


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Hi, thanks for taking a look at my post. I've never had any issues with Minehut before, but recently I've been unable to connect to Minehut and a few other large, public servers. Again, only SOME of these servers don't work. Manacube, for example, is totally fine, while Hypixel and Mineplex are kinda on-and-off, and specifically Minehut NEVER can connect. Here is the error message I get:


io.netty.channel.abstractchannel$annotatedconnectexception: Connection timed out: no further information:

I've followed tutorials to fix this error message, but all of them say that "if only some servers don't work, then it's a problem on the server's side". However, my friends can all connect, no problem, to the Minehut hub AND our certain Minehut server, as well as whatever servers don't work at the time.

I've tried restarting Minecraft, relogging in, restarting my computer several times, restarting my router, and checking that my inbound firewall exceptions include Java(TM) Platform SE Binary (all 8 versions of it) on a Private basis. When I completely disable my firewall, it also makes no difference. My computer is connected to a private ethernet connection.

Files are attached! If anyone can give some light on my situation, that would be great! I can't wait to join my friends on Minehut. Thanks!!

Java Private.png

ugh why.png


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Hi, thanks for the response! Somehow missed the help forum!

As far as the issue, I'm afraid it's still an issue, exactly the same as a week ago. I know I'm using the correct IP, and have tried connecting both to my private server and the hub- neither works. I've messed with my Minecraft versions to see if it makes a difference, but it hasn't. I have been primarily sticking to 1.16.5, however, since that's what worked for my friends.

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