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can't upload a world to my server



I used the official minehut tutorial to upload the zip file and it didn't work, it returned 403 error.(aka typing "/ul world (world name) (link)" in chat)

I also tried uploading via the minehut dashboard then typing "/ul world (world name) (filename)" into chat but it returned with "Upload failed! no protocol: (filename)".

  • og file size: 311 mb
  • zip file size: 168 mb

what do i do now?

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Where did you upload the zip file. Because file.io has a max of 100mb. Dropbox has limit of 500mb but with the dropbox link you have to replace ?dl=0 with ?dl=1 and then use /ul world (NAME) (LINK)
then you will be able to /worlds (name of world)
You also have to make sure that the world in zip form is not corrupted. 
If you upload via dashboard, you dont need to /ul world again. just /worlds and see if the world shows up

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