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How to use NoCheatPlus

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M I N E H U T  C O M M U N I T Y  F A Q



Introduction to the NoCheatPlus:

NoCheatPlus is a plugin that attempts to remove cheats by exploiting Minecraft or its protocol, making your server more safe. These checks cover a wide range of issues including fly, speed, combat hacks, fast break, nukers, inventory hacks, chat spam and other types of malicious behaviour.

Basic NoCheatPlus Permissions:

  • nocheatplus.command.notify| The player will receive notifications through the in-game chat of players failing NoCheatPlus checks.
  • nocheatplus.admin | Shortcut permission for all administrative commands including ban (do not give lightly).
  • nocheatplus.shortcut.info | Gives the player access to other player's info.
  • nocheatplus.shortcut.monitor | Gives the player access to player and diagnostic info, like version or lag.
  • nocheatplus.shortcut.safeadmin | Gives the player "safe" admin perms. No banning or reloading but unkick, exemption, and data removal.
  • nocheatplus.command | Has a bunch of different permission nodes under it (reload, info, version, etc.).
  • nocheatplus.bypass | Allows the player to bypass the login denial, such as exists with the "/ncp tempkick" command.
  • nocheatplus.checks | Has a bunch of different permission nodes under it (flight, movement, inventory, chat, etc.).

You can also view the full permissions list here.


NoCheatPlus Commands:

Moderation Commands:

Most of these commands have no difference compared to the vanilla commands apart from the delay option. Arguments in () are needed, while arguments in [] are optional.

Commands Explanation
  • /ncp ban [delay=(ticks)] (player) [reason]
Bans a player from your server (stores in banned-players.txt).
  • /ncp kick [delay=(ticks)] (player) [reason]
Kicks a player from your server.
  • /ncp unkick (player)
Allows you to remove a tempkick/tempban from a player. "*" is supported here.
  • /ncp kicklist
Lists all players that have been tempkicked/tempbanned on your server by NoCheatPlus actions.
  • /ncp tell [delay=(ticks)] (player) (message)
Send a private message to a specified player.
  • /ncp delay [delay=(ticks)] (command)
Execute a command in delayed time.

Administrative Commands:

These commands are used to manage NoCheatPlus on your server. Arguments in () are needed, while arguments in [] are optional.

Commands Explanation
  • /ncp reload
Reloads, generates and regenerates the configuration file of NoCheatPlus. Run this in-case you changed something on your configuration file while your server was running.
  • /ncp notify on/off
Toggle all in-game notifications/alerts generated by NoCheatPlus.
  • /ncp info (player)
Display the violation levels of a given player.
  • /ncp lag
Show info about server side latency. The average lag shows the percentage of the server running too slow (0% = 20 tps, 10% = 18 tps) for the last 1 second, 3.33 and 270 seconds, roughly. Lag spikes are also displayed and tracked over at most 1 hour with a resolution of 20 minutes buckets (i.e. not exact) for spikes > 150 ms (3x to 20x) and spikes > 1000 ms (20x +). Be aware that this information is needed to make most NoCheatPlus checks adapt to server sided lag.
  • /ncp removeplayer (player) [check_type]
Remove all the data collected by NoCheatPlus so far for a given player. You can use the [check_type] option to make NoCheatPlus only remove data from a specific check (default will clean all data of all checks!). To list all check names, execute a command such as this: /ncp removeplayer (PlayerName) list. "*" is supported here.
  • /ncp exempt (player) [check_type]
Exempt a player from being checked by NoCheatPlus or by a specific check.
  • /ncp unexempt (player) [check_type]
Remove any exemption you given to a specified player. "*" Is supported here.
  • /ncp exemptions (player)
Gives back a list of all checks that a specific player has been exempted from.
  • /ncp commands
List all commands, more than shown here. The other commands are mainly for use with actions, such as delaying other commands, kicking with a message, telling players messages in color, deny login for players, etc.
  • /ncp version
Show version information about the server, plugin, compatibility modules and registered hooks.

You can read more about the commands here.


NoCheatPlus Configuation:

World-Specific Configuration:

  1. First, create an empty yaml file according to a world name on your server. Example: "world_config.yml" (the "_" is required! Everything is case sensitive!)
  2. Start-up your server and run "/ncp reload" or "/nocheatplus reload" if your server is already running
  3. NoCheatPlus should now write every setting available for world specific configuration in that/those empty yaml files.
  4. If you would rather prefer to use some settings of your global config.yml, set "savebackconfig" to false and remove them from your world specific configuration file


To disable all logging, set the logging setting to "false".

Individual logging targets can be configured in different sub sections within backends:

  • Set the setting "active" to "false" to disable a specific backend.
  • The prefix parameter allows to create a custom appearance for the log messages.
  • File logging allows specifying a file name.


The data section allows you to specify an expiration duration for playerdata in minutes. If set to something greater than 0, this will periodically remove playerdata if the player has been logged out for longer than the specified amount of minutes. At present, this would also delete set-back locations and current violation levels. This should not be set to a short duration.

  • consistencychecks | You can suppress consistency check warnings here and alter intervals for periodic checking.
Config  Description  Default
duration  Duration in minutes after logout, after which data gets erased.  0
history  Should the players violation history also be deleted?  false


This section contains configuration for hiding your plugins better. You can prevent help contents from displaying and command usage by setting permissions with a permissions plugin. NoCheatPlus allows to set the permission message of some commands, which would otherwise reveal the presence of the command/plugin. The permission message for some commands can be changed to the "Unknown command" message to hide it's presence.

This feature allows to change command permissions to not be given by default or add a generic filter permission nocheatplus.filter.command.(commandname) to a command that does not have one set yet, the following settings allow configuring lists of commands and the message:

nopermission | Display the "no permission" message, default to "plugins" and "version" commands, useful for instance if a plugin does not set a permission for a command.
unknowncommand | Display the "unknown command" message, empty by default. This can be used to hide a command from users that don't have the default permission (or the filter permission added by NCP if none was set).


This is the section that defines the various messages NCP uses. Each has a name (the part in front of ":") and a definition (the part behind the ":"). Whenever you use a "log" or "cmd" action in one of the "actions: " options of this config file, the string will be taken from this section.

Most messages/commands use place-holders in [ ], which will be replaced at runtime with relevant information. Some of these may only be available in certain circumstances. Only "[player]" can be used everywhere.

All of the data above was pulled directly from the NCP Wiki, which you can find here.


Require further assistance?

If you need more help on this topic, head over to this section of forums, check out the NoCheatPlus Wiki, or join our Discord!


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Very good CFAQ. Well thought out and very detailed. Great job on making one for one of the more common plugins found on Minehut 🙂 


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Very cool and detailed CFAQ!

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Very cool tutorial, always wanted to know how NoCheatPlus Works!


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Very cool!

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Guest Mage

Guys i need help when i step in any slabs blocks im teleporting back how to fix it,and it says faild SurvivalFly: tried to move unexpectedly

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