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Scaffold Hacks Skript

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command /scaffold:
    permission: op
        if {%player%.scaffold} is false:
            set {%player%.scaffold} to true
        else if {%player%.scaffold} is true:
            set {%player%.scaffold} to false

on any move:
    if {%player%.scaffold} is true:
        set block below player to {%player%.block}
        if {%player%.block} is air:
            set {%player%.block} to stone
        Else if {%player%.block} is not air:
            set {%player%.block} to stone

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just some skript tips:
use list variables {variable::input}
don't start variables with %player% instead use something like {player::%player's uuid%::something}
this makes it easier for storage and for your usage later down the line.

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