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Lift(elevators) plugin--- Broken?


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 I believe the Lift plugin is broken. 

I installed the plugin and gathered up some iron wood and sand. 
I made my glass, made my iron blocks, buttons and signs. 

I set up an Iron block with the Sign and button, then added the glass for the next floor with the sign and button as instructed via the creator's video tutorial. 

I got the signs to show what was necessary and tried to go from floor 1 to floor 2. 
I was lifted!! only to get stuck under the glass and not be able to pass thru it. 
Reset after Reset it kept doing the same thing. 

I removed the glass and I went high enough to get to the floor I was going for only to instantly fall to the ground. 
I died multiple times from fall damage attempting to get this plugin to work as intended. 

I eventually got stuck where it wouldn't even let me teleport out of the elevator path so i went to the lobby to escape the gravitational pull of the lift. 

upon logging back in I could not even get the lift to lift me... 
SO I have removed the plugin and installed the IronElevator (https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/ironelevators-1-4-6-1-14.19451/) plugin... it's so simple and straight forward and works VERY well... I think you should just remove Lift all together to be honest. 

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