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Staff Applications - Information & Requirements


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Hi there, thanks for taking a look at this document to find out some information about Parkour Tag's staff requirements and informaton.
I am Centrect, basically owner of PKTag, however I don't like to think of myself as owner. 

This document will go through:

  • Senior Staff Team
  • Requirements
  • Potential Denial Reasons
  • Frequently asked questions.


Senior Staff Team

  • DamieDB // Jay-me - Staff Manager
  • Centrect - Server Manager / Owner
  • Houlton - Events Manager



Under this area, you can view the staff requirements that we ask you meet if you do apply for staff on our server.

Requirement List:

  1. At least 14 years of age
  2. Understanding of how the server works, how games run, and how events are hosted.
  3. A working and understandable microphone
  4. Active in-game as well as in our Discord Server.
  5. Strong understanding and knowledge of our rules.


  • At least 14 years of age - On the server, you will experience some times where maturity is needed to get through situations, we believe that 14 years of age is a good age to be at if you are thinking of applying, as it provides the perfect equilibrium between giving as many people a chance to apply as possible, and getting the most mature staff members.


  • Strong understanding of the server - If a staff member does not understand the server well, it will lead to tough times ahead when responding to support tickets, and answering questions. We also feel that it is necessary to know about the server, otherwise you will be clueless yourself!


  • A working and understandable microphone - During the interview stage, you will be asked to speak to us for an interview. A new requirement we are introducing with this process revamp is that you must need a microphone during the interview, unfortunately, if you do not have a working and understandable microphone, or you simply do not like speaking to other people on Discord, we will most likely cancel your interview and with it, your staff training.


  • Active in-game as well as in our Discord - We ask that you are active in-game more than you are in discord, as this shows that you are dedicated to the server, as well as keeping up to date with our community and showing that you are worthy more than anyone else. Playtime is not a huge requirement, however the more playtime, the better.


  • Exceptions - We generally only make exceptions to one requirement: At least 14 years of age. If we see that you are very mature for your age, and able to handle tough situations at a younger age, we will make an exception for you. If you are under 13 however, We cannot accept you due to you not being allowed a discord account according to TOS (We don't exactly want to encourage breaking discord TOS)

Potential Denial Reasons

In this section, we will be going over some common denial reasons and how you can fix them. We hope that this section will help you improve your application and possibly help you move onto the next stage of the staff process. Here are some of the most common denial reasons and how you can fix them:

  • Lack of Detail - By far, the most common reason for denial is a lack of detail. Detail shows determination, a drive to become staff and shows us that you really want to be accepted. This also helps us find out more and more about you, not in a creepy way of course! While it is boring to read big essays, we do like it when we see a well detailed application, as this shows that you have a drive to succeed.


  • Not Meeting Requirements - We put requirements in place for a reason, and with these requirements we expect them to be met if you submit an application. Not meeting an imperative requirement (anything apart from age) will result in your application being immediately denied. Lying in your application is also a huge no-no, as you will be instantly demoted without hesitation if so.


  • Lack of Experience - When moderating PKTag, you should be able to know most things to do with moderation. We have had staff in the past that don't know what a bot attack is, and therefore, they are demoted. Knowing as much as possible about moderation as early as you can will help you greatly during your application, and therefore, if you do not portray a good understanding of experience and moderation as a whole, you will be denied.


Those 3 denial reasons are the most common we see with our applications. If you would like clarification on any other denial reasons, you can always ask a staff member as they themselves have gone through the application process too.



Here you can find many reasons 


Where can I discuss my denial reason?

When you are denied, our staff manager will often put something along the lines of "Please DM me for a reason". This is because we do not want to publicly shame you as apps are public. If you want to know about this reason, please directly message Jay-me with the discord tag he provides to learn more.


Do punishments matter in applications?

Usually we ask that you have a clean slate when applying, however, a simple warn or mute will often be overlooked provided you have learnt from this mistake and know what you did wrong.


How long do I have to wait to apply again after getting denied?

Unless told otherwise by our senior team, you must wait 2 weeks to apply again after being denied. 


Why have I not received a response yet?

Admins try to look at responses as much as possible, however, it could take anywhere between a few hours, and a few days for it to be read.


Can I be accepted if I don't have Discord?

Discord is a key platform we use to communicate with other staff members, as well as carry out interviews and give special staff related announcements. With that said, a lack of discord will result in a lack of acceptance 


Thank you for taking the time to read this post! I hope it helped answer any questions you had regarding applications. If you have any other questions feel free to contact me or Jay-me.


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 Please don't DM me for support, go here or join Minehut's Discord if you need assistance.


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