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Minehut is keep locating server



IDK if this was already posted, so sorry if there was one like this. I just made a new Minehut server, but when I typed it and joined it, it said unable to connect to world. I then learned that I should go to bedrock.minehut.com with the default port, but it still says unable to connect to world. Is this because of my version? I'm in the latest version and everything should have worked fine...

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Hey there,

Please check the below information.

VERSION: 1.16.201
SERVER IP: bedrock.minehut.com
PORT: 19132
DEVICES: iOS, Android, Win10

Bedrock support is currently in beta. This might be why you might be experiencing issues with bedrock.

When connecting to a server you must connect from the lobby, player server IPs do not currently work on bedrock.

Additionally, you can read this CFAQ for more information. https://forums.minehut.com/topic/33758-how-to-connect-to-minehut-on-bedrock/

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