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I made a post about 3-4 weeks ago detailing the issues with the current anticheat plugin options. Since then, the three options that didn’t work have been removed and we are left with matrix and NCP. The two options we have are NCP which hasn’t been updated to the latest most updated version yet, and Matrix which eventually lags servers so much to the point that you can’t move. This issue is due to the way Matrix stores player data. (This is once you have 200-300 unique joins with matrix.) Additionally, matrix is no longer supporting free versions in their most updated release and I suspect they will remove old free versions rendering the current version on minehut useless. If Minehut hasn’t already, I suggest updating ncp at:


Overall, Minehut needs some new anticheat options and here are some additional alternatives you possibly add:






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Thanks again for the suggestions. I'm planning on getting some new anti-cheats added soon. It's definitely a priority now that Matrix isn't updating the version we were using anymore. Expect to see some updates related to this soon.

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