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M I N E H U T  C O M M U N I T Y  F A Q





The “paper.yml” document is a very useful server config file that can do a wide variety of things. It can enable patched glitches that you may want to use, it can be tweaked to reduce some potential server lag, and it can even give your server anti-xray. Of course, it’s not necessary to mess with any of it, but it’s got some cool things packed in there!

Getting started:

If you don’t know how to find the file, it’s located in the “File Manager” tab for your server. It’s one of the main files, so you shouldn't be looking in any folders seeking it out.

The document itself is essentially a list of settings that you can configure to your needs. Below is a list of some useful settings separated into appropriate categories. While navigating the file, feel free to use ctrl + f to locate these settings more easily. After making changes to anything in this document, you must save the file and restart the server!

Allowing exploits:

allow-permanent-block-break-exploits = (Set to true) Allows for usually unbreakable blocks to be broken through glitches, such as bedrock, end portal frames, and more.

allow-piston-duplication = (Set to true) Allows for duplication of TNT, carpets, and rails.

allow-headless-pistons = (Set to true) Allows for pistons to become headless in some circumstances, which can also be used to break unbreakable blocks.

Reducing lag:

 = (Set to 6-8) Chunk saving is pretty inefficient in recent versions, and this option can slow incremental chunk saving. Keep this around 8 if you have a large number of players.

max-entity-collisions = (Set to 4-6) Having many entities in 1 area can cause extreme lag, but this can reduce that. This can give players some difficulty in pushing around mobs, so do not lower it too much unless you are having severe mob-related lag.

despawn-ranges = (Set soft to 28, and hard to 96) This option can clear far away mobs that the player can’t even see and allow more to be spawned actually near players. You can experiment with this option to see what you like best.

prevent-moving-into-unloaded-chunks = (Set to true) Loading chunks is a stressing task for any Minecraft server. Stopping players from perpetually loading chunks will help save your tps from dropping.

no-tick-view-distance = (Set to 6-12) This option allows for players to see farther terrain than what you set “View Distance” to in your server’s settings, but without activating any entities. This way your players can see far off hills or forests, but your server won’t lag loading in mobs.

Setting up anti-xray:

Setting an anti-xray through paper.yml is a bit tedious, but pays off in the end. It blocks nearly every xray client or texture pack out there. 

To set it up, refer to the popular guide linked here. You’d want to go with “Engine-Mode 2” and just copy and paste the configurations stated in the guide. If you’re stuck on where exactly to paste them, just search for the world-settings section of the paper.yml document. From there, it should be self-explanatory. A little warning though, this anti-xray can cause ping issues but they very rarely occur.

Having trouble?:

Here is a link to the full documentation of every single setting in the paper.yml if you wish to learn about all of them in-depth.

If you need more help on this topic, head over to this section of forums, or join our Discord!

Compiled by Darkdeviousdevil at the Minehut Staff Team

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Great job, Darkdeviousdevil. Many people inquire about this file, and how to edit it. Very informative. 


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Cool tutorial!

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