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How do i set different gamemodes in different worlds?



So basically i started a new minehut server and i downloaded a world and put it into my server, but the thing is in the world its survival and you can break the map and i want to change the gamemode in that world to adventure. I also have a NCP in my Map i downloaded and i want to make it that in the world you spawn in, the gamemode is adventure but when you click on the NCP and it warps you to the main world and the gamemode will be survival. And i am also having another problem is that everytime i restart my server it deletes the NCP.


Thank you!

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There are a few ways you can probably do this but I'll name two.

You can use a plugin called Skript. With it, use the world change event and set the player's gamemode depending on what world they are going to. You can get help with skript by looking at the docs, asking in the Skript category, or the skript channel in the Minehut discord. You can also ask in the marketplace category if you want someone to make this skript for you.

You can use a plugin called Multiverse. With this plugin, all you need to do is a command. /mv modify set gamemode <gamemode> <world>. In the gamemode parameter, put what gamemode you want the world to be. Then in the world parameter, just put the name of the world you want to set it to. 

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