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Make minehut support .jar files


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Hey there,

Minehut will not add support for importing custom plugins anytime soon. You can suggest the plugin here. Please post the plugin link of any plugin you want to suggest.

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  • Administrator

Unfortunately we don't have support for custom plugins currently, but hopefully we will sometime in the future.


I do want to note that we're looking into adding new anti-cheats. I believe AntiCheatReloaded is already on our list to check out, but feel free to suggest others as well if you have some in mind.

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Reply to pop4959

Okay! ACR is one of the best free anticheats, however custom plugins would be awesome to have as you are then able to buy like AAC and AGR. To prevent hackers and also create cool stuff with the server! 

But ACR sounds very good to get added! 



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