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ReadTimeoutException : null error



about one day ago (15ish hours ago, I've also has this server for some time ago) I have started getting this error that kept me from joining my own server. every time I start up my server it just goes into the "starting" statusimage.png.ab792280ba7b1d067c556278164eaf20.png and it lasts for about 10ish minutes I think(I didn't time it) and then it goes into the "stopping" statusimage.png.fe79411f612a4fc75603aa21049ad9ef.pngany whenever i try to join the server it stops at the "joining server" part and waits for a few minutes then shows me a screen that says "ReadTimeoutException : null".


extra info that might be useful:

-sometimes it might actually let me join the server when i try to join at he right time(<kind of an assumption. im not totally sure.) also i have    seen the server status become "online" around the time it should have started saying "stopping" and i actually managed to join.

-it is a work in progress server so the only people who join are a few testers and me.

-i have been working on the server since about February

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-custom drops editor

-custom ore generation


-item editor

-mythic mobs



-skript addon:skellet

-skript addon:skquery

-skript addon:skrayfall

-skript addon:tuske


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