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How to Navigate the Dashboard


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M I N E H U T  C O M M U N I T Y  F A Q


Introduction to the Minehut Dashboard:

The Minehut Website is an online website created by Minehut to easily edit your Minehut Server, access the Minehut Shop, access the Market, join the Discord, and much more. The Minehut website can be accessed here. You then have to either:

  1. Create a Minehut account by clicking the “Sign Up” button in the middle of the screen.
  2. Logging into your Minehut account by clicking the “Login” button on the top right side of the screen.

You can access the dashboard here.

Features of the Minehut Website:

Below is a list of all of the features of the Minehut Website.

  • Easily edit your Minehut Server through the Minehut Dashboard.
  • Access the Minehut Market, a place where you can buy premade maps.
  • Access the shop, where you can buy credits, server plans, ranks, server slots, and server icons.
  • View the FAQ and contact support.
  • View the current top servers in a filterable server list.
  • Access the forums.
  • Join the official Minehut Discord.

Activating your Server with the Minehut Dashboard: 

To get to the Minehut Server Dashboard, you simply have to log into your Minehut account. You should be automatically brought into the dashboard. If you are not, go to the left side of your screen and click “Dashboard” near the top. Create a server, and you are good to start playing Minehut! You can join your server using “/join (server name)” from the Minehut Lobby (IP: minehut.com) or the IP “(server name).minehut.gg”. 

From here, you can activate your server, stop your server if it is online, restart your server if it is online.

Editing your Server:

Below will be a list of every category of editing your server.

Server Appearance:

  • Server Icon | Change the icon which is visible in the server list GUI in the lobby.
  • Server Command | Where you go to execute console commands. Do “/op (username)” in this box to give yourself permissions to run commands.
  • Server Visibility | Choose whether or not you want your server to be visible in the server list GUI in the lobby. Be aware that changing this to “Not Visible” doesn’t completely negate the chance of random people joining your server!
  • Server MOTD | This is a message that will be shown in the Server List GUI in the lobby as well as your Minecraft server list. Color codes also work in this.

It is recommended that you run the command “/whitelist on” and “/whitelist add (username)” in the Server Command box under the Server Appearance to whitelist your server. This stops all random people from joining unless you whitelisted them.

Server Settings:

All of the settings here require a server restart to take effect.

  • Max Players | Change the amount of max players that can play on your server at once. The maximum for a free server plan is 10. You can increase this amount by purchasing a server plan Here.
  • Level Type | The type of world for your default world. This setting requires a world reset.
  • Level Name | The name for your default world. Change this to the name of the world that you want players to spawn in by default.
  • Generator Settings | Change the generator settings for your server. You can read more about generator settings Here. Your level type must be set to “Customized” or “Flat” to use this. This setting requires a world reset
  • Gamemode | Gamemode of your server. For example, if you set the gamemode to “Creative”, but are in survival when you log out, you will be left in survival mode. If you are in creative mode when you log out, you will be in creative mode.
  • Force Gamemode | Whether or not the selected gamemode is forced onto the player when joining.
  • PVP | Whether or not PVP (player versus player) is enabled on your server.
  • Monster Spawning | Whether or not monsters will spawn on your server.
  • Animal Spawning | Whether or not animals will spawn on your server.
  • Flight | Whether or not flight is enabled on your server. All this setting does is get rid of the “Kicked for Flying” kick. This setting does NOT let anyone actually fly.
  • Difficulty | What difficulty your server will be in.
  • Hardcore | Whether or not hardcore mode will be enabled on your server.
  • Command Blocks | Whether or not command blocks will be enabled on your server.
  • Announce Player Achievements | Whether or not player achievements will be announced on your server.
  • Nether World | Whether or not the Nether will be enabled on your server. Disabling this will completely delete the Nether world.
  • Structures | Whether or not structures will be enabled on your server. Structures include villages, dungeons, jungle temples, etc.
  • Resource Pack | Fill this setting in if you want a custom resource pack on your server. You can read more on how to upload a custom resource pack Here.
  • Resource Pack Hash | Fill this setting in if you want a custom resource pack on your server. You can read more on how to upload a custom resource pack Here.
  • View Distance | The view distance for your server. This setting maxes at 10.
  • Spawn Protection | The spawn protection for your server. It is recommended you set this to 0, as you won't be able to break anything in the set radius.


While Minehut doesn’t support server-side mods, Minehut offers a variety of plugins.


Q: How can I upload my own plugins?
A: You can’t upload your own plugins, however, you can suggest them to be added to Minehut here.

Q: A plugin in my plugins list in-game (/pl) turned red and it’s not working!
A: A red plugin in your plugins list means that that specific plugin needs an update or is missing a dependency. Check your logs to see why it is getting disabled.

Q: A plugin that I made sure I installed isn’t working. It also isn’t red in the plugins list.
A: Check if you have the correct dependencies installed. You can check this by going to the plugin in the plugins list on the Minehut Dashboard. It will list the plugins it requires in order for it to work.

Q: I want to suggest a plugin so I can use it on my server. Where can I?
A: You can suggest plugins on the plugins suggestions subforum, which you can find here.

File Manager:

The file manager is where you can find your logs, file configs, and many more.


  • Save World | Immediately saves your world.
  • Reset World | Completely resets and deletes your server’s world. This setting requires a server restart. This is something that must be done when messing with the generator settings or level type.
  • World Seed | The seed for your world. This setting requires a world reset.
  • Upload World | Used for uploading your own world. View here for more information.


Every hour your server is online, a backup will be made automatically. You can also use a backup slot to store all of your server data. If you experience any data loss and restoring a backup does nothing, you can create a support ticket here. If you need more info on server backups, click Here.

Danger Zone:

  • Force Hibernate | Forces your server to hibernate. Be careful, as this can cause data loss.
  • Reset Server | Completely resets your server. This resets plugins, worlds, files, and settings. You can find more info here.
  • Repair Files | Sometimes when your server isn’t starting, you can use this feature to repair the server’s core files.

Require further assistance?

If you need more help on this topic, head over to this section of forums, or join our Discord!

Compiled by omega 

Edited by _omga

If I helped you at all, leave a like!

IGN: _omga
Discord: omega#1000


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Awesome CFAQ! Very informative, and great guide to how to navigate the dashboard. Keep up the great work with these amazing CFAQs.


𝔻𝕚𝕤𝕔𝕠𝕣𝕕: @𝕌𝕟𝕥𝕣𝕖𝕒𝕥𝕖𝕕#𝟘𝟘𝟘𝟙

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Cool and detailed tutorial!

Discord - tarna256

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Website - https://tarna.dev
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