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Food Plugins


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Please always post links of the plugin you're refering to. The admins just don't have the time to search em up themselves.

This one seems to be one of the best and only ones out there is that what you mean?


Also seems like the plugin costs so idk how Minehut handles that.

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Feel free to add me on discord if you:

dc3456c-e0ec58e8-c807-43e3-b986-5224b91a need help with plugins

dc3456c-e0ec58e8-c807-43e3-b986-5224b91a need help with skripts

dc3456c-e0ec58e8-c807-43e3-b986-5224b91a need to vent about something


>[ ‧₊˚꒰ʚ Starshine ɞ ‧✦ *#2683 ]<

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@Starshinex3 Please don't link plugins for people since it's not necessarily the one they want.

@joppenacken Can you confirm which plugin you intended to suggest? If you didn't have a particular one in mind, maybe try "Survival Plus". We already have this on Minehut and I believe it does add a food system, with hunger, thirst, etc.

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