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Is there a server plan for +500mb worlds?


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On 3/3/2021 at 9:01 PM, Tbraven_ said:


So I understand the max world size is 500mb, is there a plan that I can expand this to 1-4gb? 


Tbh they should make it that like if u have MH75 u can have like 1-2GB of world size

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Is this a file upload/download limit?

If the limit for downloading is 500 MB, then just use a world downloader mod to take the parts you want 1 at a time, parts that only the server has access to such as command blocks can be taken manually 1 by 1 too if you have op.

If the limit for uploading is 500 MB, then split the world up into parts before uploading it. Upload 1 big world file with 500 MB, then divide up the rest into schematics and then put them together on the server with worldedit.

I doubt there's a hard limit for world size, otherwise someone could ruin your server by using a bot to load chunks slowly enough as to not crash the server and instead fill the server with 500 MB of junk data that is just naturally generated chunks with nothing in them. This would then stop any other player from venturing into ungenerated chunks.


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What is the largest free mh server you've seen?

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The world size limit is not 500mb. That's just the world upload limit. Anyone's world can go over 500mb no matter what plan they are on.

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