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Replacing world, Nether, AND End?



I know I can replace a world by uploading one and then changing the default world to it, but this doesn't change the Nether or End if I upload those as well. I don't see any way to change that off-hand, especially as I can't change server.properties or directly rename folders from the web interface. (I'm assuming Minehut requires the Nether and End to not be baked in as with SMP saves, but requires split maps, as bundled maps don't change the Nether properly.)


How can I do this?

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Hey there.

Example: My main world's name is "ul_Something".

I will stop my server, rename the nether and end worlds to "ul_Something_nether" and "ul_Something_the_end" respectively.

That should work.

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Minehut actually doesn’t support file/folder renaming. What you can do would be downloading both nether and end. You then delete the nether and end created by default using “/delete”. You then upload the recently downloaded nether and end with the names “(default world)_nether” and “(default world)_the_end”. Do not include “ul_” in your upload name. 

This should work. 

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