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Hey hello I would love this plugin to be added custom nukes,

Overview - Custom Nukes - Bukkit Plugins - Projects - Bukkit

You can configure:

  • All the existing recipes or new, your own
  • A delay before action, an explosion radius, etc.
  • Explosives' base material (sponge by default)
  • Action scenario (explosion, potion effect, static repeater, seismic push)
  • All other valuable parameters

Default set of explosives:

Toy Bomb


Flash Bomb

Nuclear Bomb

A custom nuke may be activated by:

  • Red stone right above this block: Activate Custom Nuke by Red stone

  • A click via "flint and steel"

  • Another explosion, if this block will be destroyed

The main idea to activate explosives is: make a schema of red stones or a chain of "Toy Bomb" close to main explosive (like "Nuclear Bomb")


  • You can assign an infinite number of different actions to one explosive. For example, your "Bomb" can be exploded twice with a small interval between two explosions and glass-blocks will not protect the enemy from this type of explosive.

  • You can add several potion effects with different strength, depending on a distance between epicenter and target.

  • You can add "static" repeaters to run a scenario every N seconds. For example, add "radiation effect": area with radius 200 where every 2 seconds
 all living entities will take a potion effect "poison".

  • All special blocks and repeaters will be saved after server reload.

  • Additionally there is a good help in the configuration file (config.yml) and error messages with explanation what exactly is wrong in your config (in console logs).


  • customnukes reload - reload config from disk
  • customnukes give @player @explosive-key @amount
  • customnukes clear - remove all explosive blocks and active repeaters


  • Access to 'reload' command: customnukes.reload (default: op)

  • Access to 'give' command: customnukes.give (default: op)

  • Access to place, break, craft items of specific explosive type: customnukes.explosive.@explosive-key (default: op) This works only if 'check-permissions' is set to 'true' in config.yml.

  • Access to 'clear' command: customnukes.clear (default: op)


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Looks like a cool plugin. There is no need to basically bump this message, especially as you posted it just yesterday. Be patient, and pop will review it.

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Looks like a good idea although may crash your server

I'm just a random forum member who tries to make things better for everyone, staff and player alike. 

I saw a really cool forum (and awesome Minehut community member) do this so here we go haha:

Don't hesitate to leave a like on my post if I helped you in any way.

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Please stop repeatedly bumping this post. If the plugin is added, it will be in a plugin announcement and be available on the panel. Omga does not manage plugins and shouldn't be bothered about their statuses.

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