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Application Process

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GUnity Staff Application Process

Information, rules and tips about applying for the staff team.

Thanks for being interested in joining our staff team, this post will go over how to apply for the team and what you should expect and ready yourselves up to, to if you are accepted.

Before Applying

Before you apply for our team, we need you to do a few things first.

All staff members are required to have and actively use their Discord accounts, this is due to the fact that it is our main source of communication between each other.

Please make sure that before you apply, you meet all of our requirements, no exceptions will be made for age requirements.

Hierarchy of the Staff Team

The GUnity staff team is organized to a few ranks, we make these ranks as tiny as possible due to the fact that it is hard to rank up here and we want you to experience the most you can whilst staff and not be promoted as fast as any other server.


This is the rank that you are applying for to join the staff team, it includes in offering support and helping members of the community overcome any challenges.


This rank comes after helper, the moderator focuses mainly on the general moderation on the server and its platforms.

Senior Moderator

This rank is for moderators with outstanding leadership skills and team-building experience. The senior moderators are lead of different departments like the staff recruitment team and many more.


Currently, we have no managers. They oversee the staff team and its duties and overcome other difficulties like overseeing the events team and communicating with the Admins about things that need to be changed and other important matters.

Application Process

The application starts by submitting an application through our application forms software. We have included a link at the bottom of this post for you to apply.

Your application will then be judged by the recruitment team who will consider the answers to the questions and they will check many factors like how active you are across GUnity's platforms, previous punishment history and behavior towards other users.

If accepted, you will receive a reply on your application asking you to come to a private interview where we will ask you about some responses on your applications and questions on how you would help people.


Ready to apply? Click here to start writing your application!

If I helped you or made you happy, feel free to press the heart.



[VIP] - 3/25/2021 - 4/11/2021

Helper  - 4/11/2021 - 5/17/2021

Moderator - never

Note: dates are in UK layout.



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