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How to use CombatLogX


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M I N E H U T  C O M M U N I T Y  F A Q



Introduction to CombatLogX:

CombatLogX is a pvp-based plugin that punishes players for logging out during combat. This is a plugin you will see a lot on many pvp servers. CombatLogX also uses expansions to load extra features and keep the main plugin from getting bloated with content. You can find out more about CombatLogX expansions Here.

CombatLogX requires very little configuration. That means you can add it to your server and play! It’s configuration is also explained very well.

How to get started on CombatLogX: 

Simple. Let’s start by going through all the available commands for CombatLogX. Execute the command /combatlogx help in-game to see all the commands for the plugin, or view below. 

CombatLogX offers 5 commands that players can use.


  • /combatlogx help | Views the help page.
  • /combatlogx reload | Reloads the config.yml, language.yml, and all expansion config files.
  • /combatlogx version | Check the version Minehut is using for CombatLogX.
  • /combatlogx tag <player> | Force a player into combat.
  • /combatlogx untag <player> | Force a player out of combat.


How to use CombatLogX: 

CombatLogX is a good plugin that kills players for logging out during a fight! This plugin is useful for any type of server that involves PVP, if you don’t want people to log out right when they are about to die. 

Require further assistance?:

If you need more help on this topic, head over to this section of forums, or join our Discord!


Compiled by @_omga

If I helped you at all, leave a like!

IGN: _omga
Discord: omega#1000


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Great CFAQ, very informative. Thank you for being such a kind, supportive community member. 
I sure hope to see more CFAQs from you in the future ❤️ 


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Cool Tutorial!

First non-staff to make a CFAQ

Discord - Tarna256#8675

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Follow @Tarna_256 on Twitter


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Guest Iluminest

Is there a way to make it to where you can place blocks 

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