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Skript-GUI compatability


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I have no clue if you guys can do this but could you make it so that SKRIPTGUI is compatible for 1.16.5? Because half of the blocks no longer show up

As proven in this image, i was re-making my shop with skript gui from tuske and yeah it no longer shows some of the blocks

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Minehut usually doesn't add plugins that aren't compatible are you sure you wrote the aliases right?


Feel free to add me on discord if you:

dc3456c-e0ec58e8-c807-43e3-b986-5224b91a need help with plugins

dc3456c-e0ec58e8-c807-43e3-b986-5224b91a need help with skripts

dc3456c-e0ec58e8-c807-43e3-b986-5224b91a need to vent about something


>[ ‧₊˚꒰ʚ Starshine ɞ ‧✦ *#2683 ]<

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  • Administrator

skript-gui was suggested as a replacement for tuske, so definitely uninstall tuske and update your scripts if you plan to use it. If you find some real issues, please report them to the developer here so there's a chance of it getting fixed.

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