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Losing all my stuff because of server issues



So I am playing on a minehut server with some other people and I was exploring the end when suddenly i got kicked while bridging over the void.

It kicked me and said "flying is not enabled on the server". I was definitely not flying or anything like that, it was just the server having a issue.

After I joined the server again, I was in the void falling down. And then I disconnected before I got killed by the void.

So my question is, is there is a way to safe my stuff in my inventory? Like somehow turning on keep inventory before I join the server again or something else that will safe my valuable stuff I have in my inventory?

Thank you for any response!



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Ask one of your friends to use /gamerule keepInventory true while in the end, when you join you should keep your inventory when the void kills you.

I suggest you make a backup before you try some ways, so if it fails you can rollback to the point where you still have your inventory

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While the server is online, try running the command /gamerule keepInventory true. And make sure the command is exactly like that since it is case sensitive. 

Also the server can kick you for fly sometimes if you are lagging. If you enable the fly option in the settings tab, it won't kick anyone for that on your server. 

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