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Backup did not load server



Hello, so recently, my server got grieved and I went to restore my newest backup which was one hour old. I go onto my backup and realize that it has wiped all of my progress instead of restoring it. I go ahead and try to restore the latest save which was minutes prior to the grief and the same thing happens. 

Please help as I spent so many hours on the server and would like to have it back 

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Hey there.

If the latest backup failed for you, there isn't a way to restore your progress.

Also, if you have enough evidence of the player griefing your server you can report them!

To report, go to this link: https://forums.minehut.com/application/form/1-player-reports/

If not, just make sure to take all the precautions next time to prevent your server from being griefed again.

Hello there! If you're reading this, hope you're having a wonderful day!


Feel free to contact me via Discord (CoolProgrammer#1920) for any help.

My DMs are always open for help.

You can also message via. forum messages for help.


Also, don't hesitate to leave a like on my post if I helped you in any way.

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