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Allow players to import their own plugins


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I really want this feature to be added to the minehut upload so players can add any plugin they desire. I spent the last few weeks creating a plug-in for a server. This plug-in was very unique and would make the server exactly like how we envisioned it. I finally finished it and was hit with the disappointment of learning that I can't use my plugin. This problem also affects many players who try to import plugins that they are more experienced and conferrable with and then learn that they must use a plugin that they don't know how to use. I understand that there are dangers that come from this but this would be super beneficial. Thank you.

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This will probably never happen.

Minehut is very picky about what plugins are made available to players because of numerous exploits. Minehut does not want to be compromised, therefore they will not give players the ability to import their own code. You may think it is "easy" to disable these sort of things, but it is really not. There are always other ways, people can open websockets and break out of their server container. Therefore Minehut will never allow players to import their own code.


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You can look at all the planned features here - https://github.com/Minehut/Meta/projects/2

But there currently is no plan for it. They may add it in the future still but no plans for it anytime soon. 

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Custom plugins just aren't possible at the moment. I'm aware of the frustration that comes along with this, and trust me, it isn't ideal for us either. The way Minehut works is very different from any other host, and due to this the restrictions in place are currently necessary. Hopefully it's something we will be able to support in the future.


That being said, this is better discussed on Meta (which @_Tarna_ linked above) since this section of the forum is mostly for new or existing plugin suggestions.

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