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Skript Tutorial #2 - Indentation.


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Hello, my name is itskegnh, and ill be showing you how to use indentation in your scripts.
This tutorial assumes you've read my other tutorials.

Indentation is how you allocate sections of code to events (more about events in a later tutorial).
How do i indent? Well you pick one of the following common Indentation techniques:

  1. 4 Spaces
  2. 2 Spaces
  3. 1 Tab

I prefer to use 1 Tab but it is entirely up to you.
How do you indent?
You place the selection above after a colon (:)
For Example:

on join:
	send "Welcome!"

As you can see in this example, the line send "Welcome!" is indented by 1 tab.
This means that when the event is called (when a player joins), It will send Welcome.
When a colon (:) is at the end of a line, you always indent.

If you would like to see more of these (The Next: Simple Layout) leave a like or a comment! 👍. Have a nice day.


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