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So I'm new to this and I made a small server for my friend and I can someone give me a rundown on commands? Like is there a way to teleport, change the difficulty, set it to day, etc. And can I type these commands in the game or do I have to type them in the server commands on my Minehut dashboard?

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To use commands like /tp and /time, you'll need to have permissions to use them
Making yourself an operator (op) gives you access to any command.
You make yourself an operator with these steps:

  1. Go to your Dashboard
  2. Click Edit Server where you want to make yourself an operator
  3. Under Appearance, look for Send console command
  4. In the console command box, type /op (your Minecraft name) - For example /op MrTibo
    1. If you're playing on Bedrock Edition, add an asterisk, like /op *MrTibo

After you've done that, you should now be an operator! Note to only /op players you trust, since operator gives access to some dangerous commands like /stop aswell (which shuts down your server)

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DMs open - Discord » mrtibo | or send a forum message

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