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1 hour ago, Builde said:

For creating a sky mining server how do I make ores regenerate and some things can't be broken?  Next question is how do I get ranks.

MineResetLite can be used to reset the ores.
A permissions plugin can be used to make prefixes and ranks. (Permissions EX or LuckPerms)

Alternatively, you can use the plugin Skript for both.

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To setup mineresetlite you can look at it's spigot page https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/mineresetlite.5773/ and go through the commands there.

Most of the time you should be able to just do the following commands in order:
/mrl p1 (Execute at the first corner of the gen)

/mrl p2 (Execute at the second corner of the gen)

/mrl create <mine name>

/mrl set <mine name> <block data> <percentage>%

/mrl flag <mine name> resetDelay <minutes>

/mrl flag <mine name> silent true (This one is optional, the messages might get annoying though so you can do this to disable them)

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