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Entity Lag



So, recently, one of the players on my server built a clock connected to a dispenser that spawned villagers. Problem is, after attempting to relog, the server would load in only the entities, stall for a few seconds, then crash with "could not connect to local or fallback server." I have uninstalled all my plugins, tried Antiredstoneclock and EssentialsX as well as attempting to just kill all entities. problem is, the lag prevents commands from running. I have had my friend try and load in his area, which is too many chucks away to load the dispenser and he still cannot login. Main issue with reloading a save file is, is that the server save file is created each time I load in. I also have no previous backups. Is there any way to stop the spawning without completely resetting the world?

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When the servers starts up try and execute /kill @e[type=villager], if the server is strong enough it will kill all the villagers hopefully buying you a chance to get rid of the thing spawning them. There is likely better ways to go about this, but this is what happened to come to my mind. Resetting your world may also resolve the issue if you are willing to make that sacrifice.

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