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SQLibrary | Skript SQL Databases & More


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This plugin allows the usage of databases in the skript plugin and few others probably.
It could help alot for servers to handle data losses more efficiently,
While also keeping the storing in the server smaller.

This plugin could change minehut skript development into another level,
For example: Making RPG Server and adding to it multiple servers so it could run less laggy and have items go from server
to server, or making connected cosmetics, purses and much more.


Thank you for reading,

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Looks like this plugin was last updated in 2016, I doubt that it will be 1.16 compatible. 
Consider trying one of the following skript addons for db support:



If I helped you at all, leave a like!

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If I'm not mistaken,

One of my friends have done that in a server outside of MH,
The server was using Tuinity 1.16.2 and the plugin was working correctly.

Minehut should consider testing the plugin since if it would not been working correctly,
Why would the plugin skript keep that feature for 1.16.x?

Note: The option to use skript's built in database saving is in the config, but requires SQLibrary.
That's the reason I suggested the plugin


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55 minutes ago, ReportCards said:

Isn't there an addon for Skript DB Management stuff already?


There is skript-db, But its more efficient to use skript's built in SQL support for values etc...
Since it saves only the values and not something that you configure.

For example:

You have a bank skript which you wanna share its points in another server you have on minehut,
You wouldn't want to recode it just to add database support which is not the best since that plugin is not skript's built in Database.
SQLibrary would let you to save any values through the built in Database Support.

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