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Ranks and there meanings


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No Rank (Sometimes refer to as a non) 

These ranks have some great people but some of the worst. You will see these ranks breaking rules or just begging for help (as no one sees there messages). But also you can see some really cool defaults. Also can be seen simping trent.

Common Phrase: [Chat bypass], I need help, OMG TRENT, Adverts without /ad, USE AD USE AD (But flooded)

Vip (Seen as the peasant ranks)  

These ranks are the cheapest (and best value) rank on minehut. But also the most common. You will see multiple VIP's getting along, crime rates are a little lower as money has been spent. Ofc there are some bad eggs in the bunch but we don't associate with them. 

Hey, /ad, I did not pay for my rank, (Just random stuff)

Pro (Toxic group) 

This group see themselves as the king of kings, the ozymandias (to rule the air) You can see a pro bullying any vip rank (with exceptions). Somehow this rank is one of the rarest and I rarely see them in chat, maybe as they make there own servers and or play more then lobby.  

Vip's are just garbage, Pros are better, Also random stuff,

Legend rank, (Pro but worst and better)

These ranks are like pro but can be worst and can be better. They will also see themselves as the kings of ranks but also some very cool people. You will see them as server owners mainly or adverting servers as that's really the only good thing there rank has, slow cooldown and click to join.

/ad, Hey

Patron (The rare ones)

Well if you see a patron your in luck you just saw one of the rarest ranks, There is not alot / any bad to talk about this group as they quitely flex there money over us. They are also very humble. 


*cricket noise*


Media (Simped and simpnig)

These people are simped by watchers, but are simps as they make vids on minehut




I'm going to moonwalk away from this before the post is taken down xD


As a side note this is mainly a joke and not to taken seriously.


Also omg trent buy me a rank uwu SpookyS4tan



Owner of the best true Anarchy server: MhAnarch

Adhd twitch streamer https://www.twitch.tv/SatanUk

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