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SkyMining Server


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Really any variation of plugins, it depends on how customized you want to make it! For a basic Sky Mining server I would recommend the following plugins:


ShopKeepers - For easy to settup, efficient traders for players to upgrade and purchase items.

EssentialsX - For general user and admin commands like /warp and /fly.

MineResetLite - For creating and resetting the mines themselves, automatically.

Vault - For containing permissions and prefixes.

LuckPerms - For managing and creating groups and permissions.

TAB REBORN - For creating and modifying a custom tab list.

Scoreboard - For creating and modifying a custom scoreboard.


If you want to get fancy and have a far more customizable server, I would personally recommend learning Skript! It's a language for Minecraft that allows you to manipulate game events like commands to do whatever you want 😄

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