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SkHelp Release


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                                          SKHELP RELEASE

This, is SkriptHelp.

I have used my knowledge, to create a simple solution to get the Skript helps INGAME. A Skript example library(will be updated) and addon library to browse without going back and fourth in the Minehut websites. Get the live help from the Skript example library with a Chat browser to get access to information about coding in Skript, and that library will get constantly updated(Leave what you wanted to add in the library in reply section).

Required plugins:



SkQuery(Recommended but don't require)
How to install:

Download the file of skhelp.sk

Open downloaded file and copy the entire file's code

Open Minehut Website

Go to File Manager

Click on Plugins folder

Click on Skript folder

Click on Scripts folder

Create a new file named "skhelp.sk"

Put the copied code inside the text box

Press save button

Go to Minecraft, execute command /skript reload skhelp

You're all set!


Use command /skhelp for skript help GUI

Permission of Usage:

This is a skript code made by me, which is my intellectual property. You can use it for server development, but you can't sell this Skript for money.






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Looks like a cool skript! There is a lot of room for expansion as Brim said. One thing I would suggest is to use list variables instead of nest variables.

List: {_thisIsAList::*}

Nest: {_thisIsANest.%player%}


If I helped you at all, leave a like!

IGN: _omga
Discord: omega#1000


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