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Welcome to this toppic,

This toppic is about the skript addons for minehut.
There are a lot of skript addons that are already added, but some are not. I know its super obvious, but i would love to see every skript addon added. I know this takes some time so I made a list of the possible next addons that I think should help. These addons are mostly for the advanced skripter rather then a new player.

The list:
updated version of skUniversal and Utilities
skript-mirror IDK if possible

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Skript-Reqn is an addon for full support of web requests in skript. It has already been requested numerous times, see thread link below.



Minehut already has SkUniversal on its most recent version.





Minehut does not appear to currently have SkUtilities, and the plugin only support up to Minecraft 1.11.



Skript Mirror is extremely outdated, only supporting up to Minecraft 1.13, and has been requested numerous times in the past to no avail due to the security concerns present in the addon.



Skript-Reflect, much like Skript-Mirror, presents large security concerns and will not be added.



Edited by Brim
Fixed repetition mistake, Added SkUniversal.
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