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Every time I load into my smp server I spawn in a one block radius then fall in the ground and says to connect to a fallback server



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If you are able to run commands, you can try downloading your world with /dl world. This way, you can at the very least have a local backup of your worlds and be able to play them in singleplayer or via a locally hosted server.

If your server is unresponsive and you are not able to get output from commands (or really even if it does still work), you should make a backup of your server in its current state. You can do this in the Backups tab on the dashboard. After that, you can do anything without worrying about destroying the server, since you can just restore to where you started at any time.

Check for broken plugins. Plugins that are in an inoperable state will show up as red when you run /pl. If you find broken plugins and you haven't spent hours configuring them, you can Reset Config in the Plugins tab for that plugin. This simply deletes its configuration folder. It's also worth noting that some plugins are completely worthless and do nothing but cause problems. Therefore, you should try deleting any plugin that you don't use.

It seems in this case, the server hangs when attempting to load certain chunks. Check the logs for any details that may help diagnose this. Some glitched or excessive entities can cause problems like this. The most reliable way to remove all entities is to type /minecraft:kill @e[type=!player] into the console. If you know there are certain types of animals in your SMP you would like to spare, you can append ,type=!villager,type=!pig , etc to type=!player.

If all of this fails, you should contact Minehut support to see if they can solve your issue or give you a copy of your world files.

Edit: Consider checking out OBS Studio as an alternative to Screencast-O-Matic. It has excellent performance, no watermark, and many useful features for recording/streaming.

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