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How to use AuctionHouse


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M I N E H U T  C O M M U N I T Y  F A Q
How to use AuctionHouse
REQUIREMENTS: Vault and economy plugin (ie. EssentialsX)



Make sure you have Vault and an economy plugin like Essentials installed first!

AuctionHouse is a gui market plugin that allows players to put any items up for sale that others can buy. With this plugin people no longer have to meet up, or head over to a person's shop to buy/sell something! It's all in the global menu that anyone can open through a simple command. 

Getting started:

To view all of the current items that players have put up for sale on the server, simply do /ah and it will list them in a gui menu. 

If you spot an item with a nice price, just click on it and you will receive the item, while the money will be taken from your balance. 

Want to sell your own stuff? Just hold the item you want in your hand, and enter in /ah sell <price>. After that, the item will be put up with a price tag for anyone else to snag.

To cancel an item you’ve put up, do /ah selling and click on the item you’d like to cancel.

After a certain amount of time, items will “expire” because they couldn’t be sold. To see any of your items that have expired, do /ah expired.

Not online? Not a thing to worry about! As long as you have items up on the auction house, players can still purchase them even if you’re not on the server. The money will be there when you return. Interested in what items of yours have sold recently? Type in /ah sold to see them.

Basic commands:

/ah = Opens up the auction house menu

/ah sell <price> = Puts up the item in-hand for sale

/ah selling = View the items that you’re currently selling; you can take down any items you’re selling here as well

- /ah sold = View the items that you’ve sold recently

/ah expired = View the items that didn’t end up selling after a long time

Helpful config options:

Where is the “config” you ask? Jump into the File Manager tab for your server and head into plugins > AuctionHouse > config.yml

- "listingDuration:" = Sets the amount of time an item can be put up before it expires

- "minSellPrice:" = Sets a minimum price for selling things

- "maxSellPrice:" = Sets a maximum price for selling things

- "allowDamagedItems:" = Allows damaged items to be sold

- "defaultMaxListings:" = Sets the amount of items a single player can be selling at once

- "restricted_items:" = Disallows certain items to be sold

Require further assistance?:

If you need more help on this topic, head over to this section of forums, or join our Discord!

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Great job, Dark! You wrote an excellent CFAQ about a great plugin. I hope more people notice this 🙂 

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9 hours ago, Guest Plugin said:

When I enter in "vault and economy" into the plugins, doesn't show up

"Vault" is it's own plugin. If you search up "Vault", it should show up.

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1 hour ago, BitingDuck said:

i think auction house is outdated, what alternatives are there

The only other auction plugin I see available on Minehut is Crazy Auctions or you can just make one yourself with Skript. Or if you know of a different one, you can suggest it here in the plugins category. 

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2 hours ago, P110 said:

unsure if this is the plugin used on the server i moderate however a dupe glitch was found with it (or the one auction house plugin) where you can shift click things into your inventory if you have a full hotbar

There's not much we can do about that on here, that's up to the developers of the specific plugin to fix, and should be reported to them instead


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