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Leaves won't despawn, water won't fill, doors don't work, items despawn after death



I'm having a few different problems on my multiplayer survival world hosted from Minehut; Leaves don't despawn when the wood is chopped; when you pick up water in a bucket or place a block, it doesn't flow to fill the space, it just leaves a random block missing; and doors are glitched to where only one half of it opens and you cannot walk through the space and it lags you out. Also, items despawn directly after a player dies, after no time limit. (We turned on keep inventory to solve that issue, but I'm unsure where to begin to solve the rest of them.) Please help! My world is running on the latest version with the server. The plugins we have are images on maps, gsit, backpacks, action bar health, builder utilities/world edit, death coordinates, and core protect. (Issues still reoccurring before core protect was added).

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