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World Guard/Edit help needed



Hey, this is my first post on here 👋. I am not used to this, so I am sorry if I have posted it in the wrong place.

I am making a server and wanting to make it so the spawn is protected but when I have tested it with a player. The player can go to mine the block but the block stays there but he somehow picks up a version of the block. I am not sure why this is.

P.s. I followed this tutorial video https://youtu.be/S2Ax80ndydE so if you know where they went wrong then let me know.

Also note: I want the spawn to be no pvp. No mining and no building. Just be able to interact with the shopkeeper plugin.

I am just so confused why it failed.

I would appreciate any help and yes I have world guard and edit plugin installed. 


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If you select two points with the //wand command and type //expand vert which will expand your region vertically. Next type /region claim (name of region, make it up) (owner, so your minecraft username) (worldname). If this doesn't work I would recommend asking in the Plugins section under Suggestions. 

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