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Question about player health/hunger


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You have a couple of options for this.

WorldGuard has some flags you can enable in a region to disable natural hunger loss or automatically feed players while inside the region. You likely already have or need this plugin if the server requires spawn protection or similar mechanics. There are also flags for invincibility, which is presumably what you meant by "no one can lose health".

You could also write a Skript that constantly sets the hunger level of all players to max or cancels all food bar change events. Damage events can also be canceled.

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All of the above responses are completely correct and are great solutions to your inquiry. I would personally recommend worldguard. A great tutorial on how to use the plugin can be found here. Once you use the guide to create the region, just run the command /rg flag regionname invincible allow. Members should then be invincible in that region. If you also wanted to do this in a more vanilla way, you could have two repeating command blocks that apply the effects saturation and instant health to all players, all the time.


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